ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Intro to Birds & Birding

Join Greg Harber as he teaches you everything you’ll need to know about your new favorite hobby. This is a more in-depth, seven-week offering expanding on our online Birdwatching for Beginners course.


ONLINE: Fall Audubon Talk: Black Birders and the Deep South

Join us for a panel talk with Christian Cooper, Dr. Rashidah Farid, Chris Joe, Dr. Drew Lanham, Corina Newsome, and Jason Ward as we hold a lens to the Deep South’s specific needs for a more inclusive future in birding.

ONLINE: Winter Audubon Talk: Saving America’s Amazon with Ben Raines

Join us for an evening with Ben Raines as he explores Alabama’s extraordinary biodiversity, while chronicling the past and present hazards—from dams to pesticides to clear-cut logging to lax environmental regulation—that threaten the future of this priceless natural resource.


ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Bird Migration

Discover birding through the seasons with Anne Miller, founder of the Alabama Wildlife Center, and learn about the amazing new tools now available for observing and understanding birds.


ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Spring Shorebirds

Join Drew Haffenden for this two-week course designed to bring you either up to speed, or to refresh your dusty memory from a year ago, in identifying migrating shorebirds.


ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Female Bird ID

Interested in exploring the most misunderstood birds in North America? Join Martha Harbison and Purbita Saha of the Feminist Bird Club and Galbatross Project for an intro on how to fundamentally change the way you bird.


ONLINE: Spring Audubon Talk—Birds: Coast and Climate

Join Alabama Audubon’s Coastal Biologist, Sabrina Cobb, as she facilitates this important conversation with researchers from across the Gulf Coast on how climate change is impacting coastal systems and the birds that rely on them for this special Earth Day event. This event will coincide with our Annual Membership Meeting.


2021 Spring Bird Count

Seasonal bird counts have been a central part of Alabama Audubon’s work ever since its founding in 1946. This year, we’re continuing that tradition with three great counts, culminating in our fifty-seventh annual Spring Bird Count Saturday, April 24th.

ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Birding by Habitat

Habitat can give you a clue to birds you might be seeing. In this course, Greg Harber discusses details of several bird habitats found in Alabama, from deciduous and pine forests to beaches and shores.


Black Belt Birding Festival

Join us for a celebration of Black Belt culture and ecology, so much of which happens to revolve around birds and habitat. With offerings lined up around ornithological history, Black history, Indigenous history, Black Belt prairie ecology, photography and art, and, of course, lots of birding—this will be an event to remember!

Coastal—Bird ID Walk

Join us for our always popular coastal bird identification walk on Dauphin Island.

Black Belt Swift Night Out: Greensboro

Swift Night Out is coming to Greensboro! Join us as we enjoy the evening with one of our favorite urban birds, the chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica). All ages and abilities welcome!

Field Trip: Cahaba River Park

Cahaba River Park is a new destination for our field trips, and we can't wait to see what we find.

ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Cranes

Do you give a WHOOP? Educators from the International Crane Foundation will teach you the basics about whooping cranes and sandhill cranes.


(Cancelled) Coastal Swift Night Out: Fairhope

Swift Night Out is coming to Fairhope! Join us as we enjoy the evening with one of our favorite urban birds, the chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica). All ages and abilities welcome!

2021 Fall Bird Count and Bird-a-thon

Seasonal bird counts have been a central part of Alabama Audubon’s work ever since its founding in 1946. This is our fall count with a competitive twist!

Field Trip: Monte Sano State Park

As migration is at its peak, we'll be looking for a variety of warblers, tanagers, and vireos in the park's forested trails while enjoying magnificent views from the overlook at Monte Sano State Park.

Swift Night Out: Birmingham

Swift Night Out is back in Birmingham! Join us downtown as we enjoy the evening with one of our favorite urban birds, the chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica). All ages and abilities welcome!

Gosse Nature Walk: Pelham

Take a lunchtime nature break with us at the Treetop Nature Trail at Oak Mountain State Park.

Field Trip: Trussville—Cahaba River Greenway

The Cahaba River Greenway at the Trussville Sports Complex is a fully accessible bird outing for all levels and abilities of birders. We're excited to be partnering with Birdability to ensure knowledgeable accessibility. It's sure to be a nice time for all!

ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Native Tree Identification

Fall is an excellent time to learn to identify native trees by their leaves, fall color, buds, fruits, branch and bark patterns, and site and soil preferences. The class will be organized around the beautifully illustrated new book, Trees of Alabama, by Lisa J. Samuelson with photographs by Michael E. Hogan.


Gosse Nature Walk: Florence—Seven Mile Island WMA

Special guest Mercedes Maddox, Nongame Wildlife Biologist with the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division of ADCNR, joins us as we explore this wildlife management area in northwest Alabama.

Field Trip: Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

Considered the easternmost national wildlife refuge of the Mississippi Flyway, Wheeler NWR annually supports Alabama’s largest concentration of wintering waterfowl.

Field Trip: BIRDingham Parks

Our January half-day field trip will be a sampling of Birmingham’s urban parks—including Avondale, W.C. Patton, and East Lake—with a wide array of winter species in both water, open, and woodland settings.

Black Belt Gosse Nature Walk: Moundville

We are partnering with special guests from Black Warrior Riverkeeper as we have a wintertime exploration of Moundville Archaeological Park.

Field Trip: Guntersville waterfront

The deep waters of Guntersville Lake and the Guntersville waterfront are excellent places to search for waterfowl in winter.