Christmas Bird Count

Continue a holiday birding tradition, eighty-four years in the making.

Field Trip: BIRDingham Parks

Join us for a half-day field trip with a sampling of Birmingham’s urban parks featuring a wide array of winter species in both water, open, and woodland settings.

Course: Mastering Winter Water Birds

Greg Harber provides a comprehensive look at all the birds you’re likely to encounter on or near Alabama’s winter waterways. Learn to identify loons, grebes, geese, ducks, and cranes, as well as find reliable populations of these birds in the greater Birmingham area.

Course: Winter Songbirds and Raptors

Paul Franklin explores the many species of songbirds and birds of prey that are present in the colder months when our permanent residents are joined by the multitudes of northern breeders. Enjoy learning about identification, life histories, population trends, and more.

Course: Winter Birding by Ear

The ability to bird by ear, identifying various species from their vocalizations, is of invaluable assistance in the field. Learn the winter calls with Paul Franklin!

RESCHEDULED: Annual Membership Meeting

In order to keep our members safe, the Alabama Audubon Board of Directors has decided not to hold this year's Annual Membership Meeting in April. Click here for more details.

2020 Birmingham Spring Bird Count & Bird-a-thon

It's our Spring Bird Count with a twist! Help us gather important data on our city's breeding and migratory bird populations, or make a pledge for the total number of species counted to support Alabama Audubon.

ONLINE Book Club: Audubon at Home: The Overstory

Join our second online book club with Alabama Audubon's Alliemarie Humphries and read a novel about life stories of nine Americans whose experiences with trees brings them together to face the issue of deforestation.

ONLINE: Annual Membership Meeting

Join us online for a night of membership appreciation as we reflect on the last year and look forward to all the great things we've got coming up in the next year.

ONLINE Course: Audubon at Home: Intro to Birds & Birding

Join Greg Harber as he teaches you everything you’ll need to know about your new favorite hobby. This is a more in-depth, seven-week offering expanding on our online Birdwatching for Beginners course.