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Christmas Bird Count

December 23, 2022 , 7:00 am 7:00 pm

Northern Cardinal

The Christmas Bird Count is a tradition that has been observed since the earliest days of the Audubon Society in Birmingham. 

On December 23rd we will once again take a day out of our Christmas preparations to locate and tally all the birds we can possibly find within our designated 15-mile count circle. That circle centers on the Water Works filter plant on US 280 and extends 7.5 miles in all directions. We have divided that circle into eight sections, each of which is assigned to a party leader. Party leaders will then coordinate the count in the assigned area. 

In order to accomplish this task, we need the help of intrepid volunteer birders, who will spend all or part of their day in one of those sections, looking for birds. That would be you. Think of this as a large-scale scavenger hunt, but one in which all the items in the search have feathers. It’s fun. Really.

PS: At the end of the day, we will most likely gather in some (warm, friendly) place for a Compilation, at which we will combine our lists and share information and/or tell lies about the best birds of the day. Details for time and place will be shared with party leaders soon.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE Take a gander (not only a word to describe a look, but a term for a male goose as well, btw) at the map below. Note the numbers on the sections and choose the area in which you would prefer to count. Contact the party leader to let them know of your interest. 

If their party is not yet fully subscribed, they will almost certainly warmly welcome you aboard and provide details about their meeting time and place on December 23. If the chosen party is full, you may select a second choice and contact the corresponding party leader. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION For any questions or for more information, please contact Paul Franklin at phfranklin36@gmail.com or (205) 542-7647.




Section 1 John Imhof, 205.213.8000, johnimhof@gmail.com
Section 2 Greg Harber, 205.807.8055, gharber@mindspring.com
Section 3 Matt Hunter, 205.592.4125, mtdhunter58@gmail.com
Section 4 Paul Franklin, 205.542.7647, phfranklin36@gmail.com
Section 5 Rick Kittinger, 205.503.3767
Section 6 Todd DeVore, 205.873.5482, devore@uab.edu
Section 7 Sharon Hudgins, 205.910.7541, shudgins.mail@gmail.com
Section 8 Pelham Rowan, 205.970.0844, hamrow@icloud.com 

ANOTHER EXCITING OPPORTUNITY In addition to the already established map, we have a large area of wonderful and varied habitat that is presently going unexplored on the Christmas Count – Red Mountain Park, off Lakeshore Parkway. This is a huge patch of preserved habitat that we would love to have surveyed, but we need one or more knowledgeable birders to volunteer to spend all or part of the day counting birds in and near Red Mountain Park.