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2022 Spring Bird Count

Indigo Bunting by Debbie McKenzie.

April 30 All day

More information coming soon.

Seasonal bird counts have been a central part of Alabama Audubon’s work ever since its founding, and this year we’re continuing that tradition with our fifty-seventh annual Spring Bird Count on Saturday, April 30th. We don’t know what the day is going to look like yet, so check back closer to time for further instructions on how you can participate.

As with all our counts, spring migrants, resident hawks, large waders, even common birds like Northern mockingbirds and American robins, are all fair game—each sighting contributes to a half-century-long dataset with important information on shifting ranges, the effects of urbanization, and climate-related population changes.

More information: To learn more about how bird counts work, and to read the history of the one that started it all, check out National Audubon’s “History of the Christmas Bird Count” page.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Through more than seventy-five years of conservation work in one of our nation’s most ecologically rich states, Alabama Audubon has seen firsthand how diversity strengthens natural communities. We believe that the same principle applies to human communities, which is why our organization is committed to providing equitable opportunities for all Alabamians to learn about and enjoy wild birds, their habitats, and the natural world. One of the best ways to support that belief is by valuing and actively seeking to strengthen diversity among our staff, our board, and our membership. To that end, Alabama Audubon welcomes the whole of our community to our work, and strives to make our programs, classes, and events open and accessible to all.